OCA Update

OCA Update: Update on the Offshore Contractors Partnership Agreement

The Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) met with the regional officials from the Unite, GMB and RMT trade unions on 11th December 2019. During this meeting, the OCA indicated that it was going to consider serving notice on the Offshore Contractors Partnership Agreement (OCPA). A meeting with the national officials was held on the 16th December and following this meeting, the OCA agreed that they would not make any decisions on this matter until 30th June 2020 at the earliest, so that conversations with all relevant stakeholders, including the workforce can take place.

We understand that this may be unsettling however it is important to remember that the OCPA remains in place and that all current members of the OCA have committed to honour all aspects of it through to the end of 2020, including the pay increase for 2020 that was agreed in 2018.

The OCA and all its member companies continue to recognise the trade unions are committed to continue with the engagement process that we re-established as part of the 2019 settlement. The next engagement meeting is on the 25th February 2020. If you have questions please contact your HR representative or you can get in touch with the OCA directly by emailing info@ocainternet.com.