Workforce Engagement Forum Update

Workforce Engagement Forum Update

Offshore Contractors Partnership Agreement (OCPA) – Alison Young (Wood) In our last update we explained that we had created a draft summarised version of the OCPA to make this an accessible, simple tool to understanding offshore working arrangements and remuneration which should avoid confusion and frustration for employees.

This summarised version covers the main sections that employees were focused on, Working Arrangements and Remuneration and we have included base salaried rates rather than purely hourly rates and simplified the Standby matrix.

Our group reviewed Unite the Union’s workforce survey feedback on OCPA against the draft copy and we also sought feedback from part of the workforce to ensure it was meeting their needs and we received a positive response.

The summarised version is now out to all the working groups for their final review prior to publishing. We have also been working on the updates to the full version of the OCPA and required amendments to ensure it is clear and up to date which is nearing completion.

Health and Wellbeing – Sharon Robertson (Wood)

In the last newsletter we advised that posters and wallet cards were under development to help raise awareness of Mental Health. These have now been published and should be visible across all platforms where OCA member companies working. The posters provide information on awareness of signs and symptoms and where to get support. Each poster contains the details of the OCA member companies employee assistance programme. If your platform has not received posters, please contact us via

The team are also looking at the area of wellbeing. Wellbeing relates to how long we live (longevity) and how well we live (quality of life). There are several pillars of wellbeing which are interlinked and frame how we feel at any given time. Everyone has personal responsibility and control over the effort we expend on each pillar to achieve a balanced life.  In the next series of newsletters, we aim to bring you more information about each pillar of wellbeing. This looks both what your company can do for you and what you can do for yourself.  The first one we will look at is ‘Social’. We are keen to hear what you do on your site to promote social activity, interaction and relationship building.

As an improvement we are looking to set a health standard which companies must meet and maintain in order to become an OCA member. The team will adapt the NHS supported ‘Healthy Working Lives’ framework to define the requirements for this standard. The purpose of this is to set a basis for mutual understanding and act as a driver for improvements within the health area for all employees of OCA member companies.

And finally, we continue to develop the ‘Connected Health’ concept. A project plan has been agreed and work is underway. The first steps will be to engage with the legal advisors and HSE to provide some assurance around the process. We will keep you updated as this progresses. Engagement and communications – Loraine Fedele (Worley)

We are delighted to issue our second newsletter and you will see that is of a similar format to the first.  Although we didn’t receive too much feedback on Issue 1, what we did receive was very positive. The articles in each newsletter are available on the OCA website so that these can be viewed at any time. We had a very engaging conversation with those that were present at the most recent Engagement Forum.  We reminded ourselves of the great collaborative work that has been achieved by this group over the course of 2019 that has included:

• Employee Survey issued – we received a great response from the offshore community and this feedback has helped us frame our areas of focus.
• The OCA newsletter was launched.
• WhatsApp groups are set up for group members to ensure we get more live feedback and engagement from offshore on our activities to make sure that what we are working on is what you are looking for. 

We also had the opportunity to scope out our areas of priority for next year and will include:

• Issue 4 newsletters in 2020, with the aim of distributing these shortly after the scheduled Engagement Forums.  We are always looking or material or ideas for articles so please do feed in any thoughts to us. 
• Social Media presence – we will continue to work with the other groups to explore opportunities for example, an OCA App / LinkedIn page / Twitter account.
• Workplace reps – we will look at how we can widen engagement and communications from all colleagues including non-union representatives.

Workforce for the Future – Gayle Rennie (Aker Solutions)

We continue to work on four focus areas that we feel will support the “workforce for the future” As reminder our focus areas are:

  1. Diversity (Gender)
  2. Attract Strategy for OCA Members
  3. Connected Competence (training standard/energy passport
  4. Retrain and reskill

    1) We continue to try and influence where we can, with Workforce Reps talking directly to OIM`s to understand if there are any barriers to women working offshore or at sites. We have prepared a letter to be sent to all OCA members companies to understand what they are doing to make a real difference in gender diversity in their organisations.

    2) We have agreed to create 2 “factsheets” promoting our industry, importantly one for our existing workforce as we recognise how key and important it is to retain you and one targeted for new entrants which we will share in due course. We have also started early conversations with nurseries to see how by working together we can create a toolkit to share the exciting opportunities of the energy sector now and what to come. 3) We have focused on sharing information about connected competence, please watch the video and please take the time to read the interview. We have also written to our workforce to advise how they can start their journey onto the connected competence.

    4) We are planning a half day workshop early January, with our full group and more invited Workforce Reps to understand and make practical simple recommendations to OCA member companies how we continue to retrain and reskill our workforce. Furthermore, we have gained agreement to influence and be involved in the review of an industry apprentice scheme (OGTAP).