Scotland’s Apprentice Network

Scotland’s Apprentice Network: Calling all past and present apprentices!

Are you a current or past apprentice? Want to share your success story, tell others that university is not the only way and share the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship? Then join Scotland’s Apprentice Network…

What is Scotland’s Apprentice Network? The Network is an initiative formed by apprentices themselves, to connect and promote people, with real life experience of apprenticeships, so they can talk directly to school pupils and help inspire future generations. It’s supported by our partner organisation, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and the aim is to show school pupils - making their career choices - that success in a job doesn’t always mean leaving school to go to university. The aim is to eventually have at least one Network member linked to every secondary school in Scotland, so each school can easily call on someone with experience of an apprenticeship, to talk to pupils and explain the benefits.

Did an apprenticeship put you on the career path to success? If your answer is yes, then there are others out there who want to hear your story!

Scotland’s Apprentice Network is looking for people who are currently doing or have done an apprenticeship, to join the Network and share with others the benefits of doing an apprenticeship! The Network has members from all over Scotland and across sectors, to help promote work-based learning through visiting schools and talking to pupils who are about to make their subject choices.

This can include: • talks at assembly • Q&A classroom sessions • presenting at parents’ evenings • talking to school pupils, parents or teachers at other events in schools or elsewhere 

Who can join? • any apprentice, past or present, based in Scotland from all different sectors and disciplines • people who are passionate about the benefits of work-based learning and would like to share their experience with others • people committed to diversity and equality

What’s in it for me?

As a Network member, you will: • get the opportunity to influence school pupils as a positive role model; this may be younger siblings, pupils in your area, your former school or young people who want to find out how to get into your sector • share stories and get involved in national campaigns including Scottish Apprenticeship Week and the annual Apprentice Convention • gain access to key industry/skills information and leading senior figures in your industry  • enhance your CV with transferable skills and boost your career progression by being part of your future professional network  • access continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities – gain valuable, recognised business skills including presentation skills, leadership and more  

So how do I join?

Visit the website and sign up to the Network – it only takes a few minutes. You will need someone to sponsor your application, usually your line manager, mentor or SAAB Member representative, but it can be anyone you work with. You can also share the sign-up link with colleagues, family or friends who may be interested. Further information • Visit Take a look at Scotland’s Apprentice Network video