Denholm MacNamee Ltd

One of the UK's leading multi-discipline industrial services companies, Denholm MacNamee offers a comprehensive range of fully integrated fabric maintenance services including pipework cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning, surface preparation, painting, specialist coatings, scaffolding and insulation.

Extensive multi-skilling throughout the Denholm MacNamee workforce can extensively reduce the number of personnel required to undertake a specific workscope. A single point of contact and single point of responsibility greatly simplifies project management and improves coordination between different disciplines. Denholm has earned its position in this highly competitive market by continually offering innovative and effective solutions using the latest technology. Examples include their recent role in the decommissioning of the Brent Spar.

As the principle cleaning contractor, Denholm MacNamee utilised mechanised, remotely operated high pressure water jetting equipment to undertake the cleaning of the six crude oil storage tanks, avoiding any requirement for man entry during the initial cleaning phase. Denholm MacNamee have been at the forefront of developing the Ultra High Pressure water jetting market. Water jets at pressures of up to 40,000psi effectively strip paint and coatings from metalwork without the need for additional abrasive, with accompanying environmental and economic advantages. They operate an extensive fleet of UHP units, designed and built in-house for the particular requirements of the oil industry. They are LSA decontamination specialists with full decontamination packages available for any tank, vessel or pipework decontamination workscope.  

Souterford Avenue
Inverurie Business Park
AB51 0ZJ

  Telephone: +44 1467 629933

Fax: +44 1467 640470



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